dcmconfig.php File Reference


 $_SESSION ["strOrgName"] = "NGWA"
 $_SESSION ["strHtmlBanner"] = " "
 $_SESSION ["OrgLogo"] = "images/ngwa.png"
 $_SESSION ["OrgLogoSmall"] = "images/ngwa_small.png"
 $_SESSION ["strKnownUser"] = "dcmms"
 $_SESSION ["strKnownPassword"] = "dcmms"
 $_SESSION ["arrLanguages"] = array('ar', 'ar_SY', 'en', 'fr', 'it', 'th')
 $_SESSION ["strShapefileEncoding"] = "WINDOWS-1256"
 $_SESSION ["boolHasSewer"] = true
 $_SESSION ["strDataBase"] = "dcmms"
 $_SESSION ["DCMMSLogo"] = "images/dcmms.png"
 $_SESSION ["DCMMSLogoSmall"] = "images/dcmms_small.png"
 $_SESSION ["strMapFile"] = "conf/sample_%s.map"
 $_SESSION ["strLogFileLocation"] = "c:\program files\dcmms\logs\dcmms.log"
 $_SESSION ["strPgClientBinDirectory"]
 $_SESSION ["strZipCommand"]
 $_SESSION ["strMsTmpDirectory"] = "c:\\tmp\\ms_tmp\\"
 $_SESSION ["strHtmlQuickFormValidation"] = "server"

Variable Documentation

$_SESSION["strHtmlQuickFormValidation"] = "server"

Where the HTML_QuickForm validation should take place. Either "client" or "server"

$_SESSION["strMsTmpDirectory"] = "c:\\tmp\\ms_tmp\\"

The path for temporary files.


Initial value:

Location of zip command


Initial value:

c:\program files\PostgreSQL\8.1\bin\
Location of pgsql2shp.exe, psql.exe and shp2pgsql.exe. Required by shapefile loader and dumper.

$_SESSION["strLogFileLocation"] = "c:\program files\dcmms\logs\dcmms.log"

$_SESSION["strMapFile"] = "conf/sample_%s.map"

The Mapfile to be used for the map display and workorder printing. s will be replaced with the short ISO language code (e.g. 'en').

$_SESSION["DCMMSLogoSmall"] = "images/dcmms_small.png"

$_SESSION["DCMMSLogo"] = "images/dcmms.png"

$_SESSION["strDataBase"] = "dcmms"

$_SESSION["boolHasSewer"] = true

$_SESSION["strShapefileEncoding"] = "WINDOWS-1256"

$_SESSION["arrLanguages"] = array('ar', 'ar_SY', 'en', 'fr', 'it', 'th')

The languages that DCMMS offers Note that you will need gettext translations as well as data with the necessary translations in order to use these languages

$_SESSION["strKnownPassword"] = "dcmms"

$_SESSION["strKnownUser"] = "dcmms"

$_SESSION["OrgLogoSmall"] = "images/ngwa_small.png"

$_SESSION["OrgLogo"] = "images/ngwa.png"

$_SESSION["strHtmlBanner"] = " "

$_SESSION["strOrgName"] = "NGWA"

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