DcmmsPostGIS Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 DcmmsPostGIS ()
 disconnect ()
 localize ($strFieldPart, $strTable="", $strLang="")
 getGroupArray ($strGroup)
 isAdministrator ($strUserName, $arrIDs=null)
 formatTimestamp ($strField)

Public Attributes

 $db = null

Detailed Description

Database related functionality

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DcmmsPostGIS::DcmmsPostGIS  ) 

DcmmsPostGIS constructor. Opens database connection.

the DcmmsPostGIS object or NULL in the case of failure.

Member Function Documentation

DcmmsPostGIS::disconnect  ) 

Disconnect from the database.


DcmmsPostGIS::formatTimestamp strField  ) 

Build an SQL statement that will return the date in ISO format.

$strField is the expression that contains the timestamp.
An SQL statement that can be executed in the database.

DcmmsPostGIS::getGroupArray strGroup  ) 

Return an array that contains the ids of postgresql users in the group with the given name.

$strGroup is the group name to be queried.
an array of Strings with the users IDs

DcmmsPostGIS::isAdministrator strUserName,
arrIDs = null

Whether a DCMMS user is an administrator or not

$strUsername is the name of the DCMMS user.
$arrIDs is the optional array of user ids in the dcmmsadministrator group
true if the specified user is in the dcmmsadministrator group of the DCMMS database

DcmmsPostGIS::localize strFieldPart,
strTable = "",
strLang = ""

Return reversed arabic fields, because they are stored reversed.

$strTable is the optional table name.
$strLang is the language (optional, looked up from the session if not provided).
a String that contains the localized query.

Member Data Documentation

DcmmsPostGIS::$db = null

The PEAR::DB database object

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