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Public Member Functions

 DbTablePager ($db, $query, $attributes=NULL, $extraVars=NULL)
 addRows ()
 toHtml ()

Public Attributes

 $query = ""
 $db = NULL
 $links = NULL
 $pager = NULL
 $limit = 10
 $from = 0

Detailed Description

A table that reads from a database connection. If there are more than 10 results, multiple result pages will be displayed with pager links.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

DbTablePager::DbTablePager db,
attributes = NULL,
extraVars = NULL

Create a DbTable object.

$db DB database connection object.
$query string to build the table.
$attributes array attributes for the HTML_Table object.
$extraVars array additional field values to be passed to the Pager constructor.
A DbTable object.

Member Function Documentation

DbTablePager::addRows  ) 

Execute the query and add the results as rows.


Reimplemented from DbTable.

DbTablePager::toHtml  ) 

Output the table as HTML including pager links.

A string containing the HTML output.

Reimplemented from DbTable.

Member Data Documentation

DbTablePager::$db = NULL

The database connection.

Reimplemented from DbTable.

DbTablePager::$from = 0

DbTablePager::$limit = 10

DbTablePager::$links = NULL

DbTablePager::$pager = NULL

DbTablePager::$query = ""

The query to build the table.

Reimplemented from DbTable.

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