DB_DataObject_FormBuilder_DcmmsDriver Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 DB_DataObject_DcmmsDriver (&$do, $options=false)
_createFormObject ($formName, $method, $action, $target)

Member Function Documentation

& DB_DataObject_FormBuilder_DcmmsDriver::_createFormObject formName,

Creates a QuickForm object using SelectCombos instead of normal select elements.

$formName The name of the form as a string.
$method Method for transferring form data over HTTP (GET or POST) as a string.
$action The script to transfer the form data to as a string.
$target Name of the target frame/window to use to display the "action" script as a string.
The HTML_QuickForm object.

DB_DataObject_FormBuilder_DcmmsDriver::DB_DataObject_DcmmsDriver &$  do,
options = false

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