3.4. Zoom Page

The zoom page contains several options to identify a maintenance location with the help of landmarks.

This page can be reached from any page in the application by using the find tool in the navigation bar (Section 1.3.3, “Find”).

By default all landmarks of an administrative area are displayed. If necessary, the pager elements (Section 1.3.5, “Pager Navigation”) are displayed and allow to browse through the complete selection.

The first option is to go through the dropdown lists to select the landmark you want to use:

Select the administrative area from the list and click on the Select button.

Select the village from the list and press the select button.

Select the landmark type from the list and press the select button.

Once your information has narrowed down the selection of landmarks sufficiently, you can select the landmark from the table at the bottom of the page.

If you know the name of the landmark or a part of it, you can use Name box to enter this name.

The Fuzzy Name check box allow to specify a "fuzzy" search that will retrieve landmarks even if their name is entered with a different spelling (E.g. "Irbid" will be returned even if "Irbed" was entered).

[Note] Note

If you don't know the complete name of the landmark, it is better not to activate the Fuzzy Name search.

Once you've found the landmark you're looking for, click on the "Map" link next to it to view the area around the landmark on the map.

Use the Details link to view (and edit) detailed landmark information (Section 3.12, “Landmark”).