3.5.1. Tools

The following map tools are available:

Zoom In Use this tool to decrease the map extent.

Zoom Out Use this tool to increase the map extent.

Pan Use this tool to recenter the map. The map will be centered around the click point.

Identify use this tool to see information about features on the map. Your administrator might use plug-ins to deliver custom information (e.g. images) for the identified features.

Landmark use this tool to add landmarks to the map. The tool is also used to view detailed landmark information and edit landmarks (See Section 3.12, “Landmark”).

Workorder (Center) Use this tool to select the workorder's area of interest (See Section 2.2, “Create a Workorder”.

[Note] Note

The tools work without double-click and rubber-banding. Select a tool and click one time on the map. Depending on server, internet connection and complexity of the map, loading the new map might take a few seconds.