11.1. Release Process

  1. Synchronize the configuration files with the default configuration files (include/dcmconfig.php.default, conf/dataobject.ini.default, conf/identifyplugin.ini.default, conf/sample_*.map).

  2. Update the version number (see Section 11.2, “Version Number”) in include/header.php, include/dcmmspage.php, build.xml, dcmms.nsi, doc/development/doxygen/doxygen.cfg, etc/index.html, doc/user/*/dcmms_user_guide.xml and doc/version.xml.

  3. Update NEWS file and the "What's New?" section in the user guide.

  4. Check that the web test is passed.

  5. Review Apache's error.log after running the web test.

  6. Check that the UML diagrams in doc are up to date.

  7. Update all translations (Arabic, English, French, Italian, Thai). See the Administration Guide for details.

  8. Add a new updating section to the administration guide.

  9. Check that the documentation build is passed.

  10. Create the PDF of the Arabic User Guide from doc/user/ar/index.html using Word. The TOC needs to be recreated and header and footer to be added.

  11. Build and test the installer. This should be done with the DCMMS CD and a 'virgin' Windows XP installation.

  12. Commit everything to the Subversion repository.

  13. In the Subversion repository, tag all the files with a tag containing the version information, e.g. DCMMS_1_0_2.

  14. Delete temporary files.

  15. Create a zipfile using build.xml. The Installer version number should reflect the version information and an additional packaging number, e.g. dcmms-1.0.0-1.zip. The packaging number is increased if packaging problems make it necessary to re-issue a release (e.g. a file is missing in the zipfile). The same version numbering should be applied in the installer.

  16. Post the md5sums of the uploaded files in the release notes.

  17. Release the files on sourceforge.

  18. Download the files and verify md5sums

  19. Create a news item on sourceforge.

  20. Update http://dcmms.sourceforge.net - this is done automatically with RSS..

  21. Update the DCMMS documentation pages on dcmms.sourceforge.net

  22. Update the Freshmeat.net record: freshmeat.net

  23. Announce the release on .

  24. Notify FreeGIS about the new release: http://www.freegis.org

  25. Announce the new release on http://www.omsproject.com.jo

  26. Create a CD.

  27. Archive CD

[Caution] Caution

If you distribute DCMMS on a CD, make sure that you distribute all the sources. This is required by the DCMMS license (GPL).