12.1. NSIS

The Nullsoft Super Installation System, NSIS is used to create the installers used in the DCMMS project.

NSIS is freely available from http://nsis.sourceforge.net.

The files dcmms.nsi and php.nsi in the dcmms module contain the scripts to create the DCMMS and DCMMS Scripting installers.

The fuzzystrmatch module contains the fuzzystrmatch.nsi installer source.

The sample module contains the dcmms_sample.nsi installer source.

The postgis module contains the postgis.ini installer source.

The arabic module contains the postarabic.nsi installer source.

Follow the instructions in bin/README.txt to add the necessary binaries of the GnuWin32 project to the bin folder.

To build the DCMMS Scripting installer, several PEAR packages and the PHP/Mapscript extension are required. See php.nsi for the details. The PEAR tarballs should be saved in c:\windows\pear.