DataObject_Materialdomain Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

 __clone ()
 staticGet ($k, $v=NULL)
 fetch ()

Public Attributes

 $__table = 'materialdomain'
 $fb_linkDisplayFields = array('description')

Detailed Description

Table Definition for materialdomain

Member Function Documentation

DataObject_Materialdomain::__clone  ) 

DataObject_Materialdomain::fetch  ) 

Switch to database-side translation (Using a view). Fetch a result from the database and translate it using gettext().
1 in the case of success, 0 in the case of failure.

DataObject_Materialdomain::staticGet k,
v = NULL

Member Data Documentation

DataObject_Materialdomain::$__table = 'materialdomain'



DataObject_Materialdomain::$fb_linkDisplayFields = array('description')

Use the description field to display values in select element.

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